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Anny, независимый

…I am Anny Sexy and sorted upscale Ebony Goddess who believes in providing my clients with the pleasure and the delight they deserve. I treat my clients the best way possible to give them the best moments ever, my experience and ability are very handy in providing you with the best services ever And you are sure to make the most out of every moment spent with me.

Место:Мадрид / Испания
Цвет волос:шатен
Длина волос:средней длины
Размер груди:B
Тип бюста:Силиконовая
Вес:54 кг / 119 lbs
Рост:160 см / 5'3''
Языки: Английский , Итальянский , Португальский , Испанский
Встреча с:мужчина


Время Инкол Ауткол
1 Час 150 EUR 250 EUR
2 Часа 250 EUR 450 EUR
12 Часа 1000 EUR


Услуги Включены Экстра
Поза 69
Обычные фотографии
Классический секс
Эякуляция в рот
Эякуляция на тело
Глубокая глотка
Грязный разговор
Дуо с девушкой
Эротический массаж
Французский поцелуй
Опыт девушки/ GFE
Золотой дождь давать
Секс между грудей
Анальный секс 100 EUR
Доминирование 100 EUR
Эротические фотографии 30 EUR
Сквиртинг 50 EUR


EddyMarco 4.3.2021 15:10

Город / страна Мадрид, Испания     Дата встречи: 2.3.2021     Продолжительность встречи: 1 hour 10 min     Расходы: 250 EUR    
First of all a notice in advance I am fairly new in the escort part because I have as a "Flying Dutchman" been able to practice my hobby for the past 30 years with window prostitution, FKKClub visits and SW's. But since those options are ... больше

First of all a notice in advance I am fairly new in the escort part because I have as a "Flying Dutchman" been able to practice my hobby for the past 30 years with window prostitution, FKKClub visits and SW's. But since those options are largely impossible nowadays, you have to find new ways don't you? So then I tried this escort service. By the way, Anny mentioned that she also does "virtual sex" where you for a reasonable fee contact her via whatsapp. Handy if you can't visit her and still want to enjoy her beautiful body and horny games it is admittedly from a distance but still very satisfying note the pun, LOL.

Well, with a visit to Anny it went well she is a beautiful, warm, spontaneous and good looking woman and she knows exactly what a man like me needs. Love, tenderness, brazilian passion my god, what fury at times and, if desired, some dominance. After a warm welcome great smile in her attractively furnished apartment and a drink on the couch, I immediately felt at home. When she started cuddling her hand through my neck and whispering sweet words in my ear, I was "sold" and the party could begin ! First of all, an extensive scrub massage in the bathroom where my penis was orally pampered as well.

Then we moved to the large bed. There the "bag of tricks of Anny" like Pandora's one was discussed extensively I was blindfolded at my request and my hands were lightly tied after which she spoiled me so much that I thought for a moment that heaven had descended on earth ... Stroking, deepthroat blowjob, 69, gel on my penis which made it feel like he was "on fire" and then expertly "extinguished" with a mouthful of ice cubes, sexy bodystocking amazing. After that, quite a few of her standard services came along if you like she will show you what "squirting" really is wooow, she's a expert almost say cum on command!

Wonderful to experience how a woman can enjoy sex so much. I decided to keep the anal part for next time this was more than enough to call my visit "very special and satisfying". And what a passion. But that's what the Brazilian girls are known for, aren't they ?! She also enjoys it herself when she whispered to me in cowgirl position her favorite? "Don't stop, don't stop" .... In short, a professional lady who loves her work and for me a visit that is worth repeating I tipped her 20 I told you I'm dutch didn't I and promised to be back soon then we may experience the "anal" part of the treatment as well. In the meantime I think I will whatsapp videocall her to find out if that will work for me as well.

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